Blog: July 2013

Service Learning in China, Part Four: Upon Reflection

July 31, 2013

Take a look at this photograph. I took this picture from the stage in front of the 367 educators in Shanxi Province. I treasure this moment, where we are literally stretching together. Whenever I enter a new school or community, whether in Austin Texas, Albion New York, or Jinzhong China, I consider the existing culture […]

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Service Learning in China, Part Three: Reaching School Administrators in Shanxi Province

July 30, 2013

Initially my trip to China included speaking engagements with students and teachers in Zhengzhou and in Beijing. Two weeks before my trip, interest developed in the northwest province of Shanxi for a day long program for school administrators—principals and vice principals of elementary, middle and high schools—and government education officials who are typically not professional […]

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Service Learning in China, Part Two: Teacher Education in Beijing

July 27, 2013

Important! As you read, consider this: in all three cities where I presented in China, teachers and students expect presentations to be lecture format. They are not accustomed to participating in activities, being asked questions, interacting, or getting up and down. And all presentations were done with translation: I spoke and then my partner and collaborator Wujing […]

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Service Learning in China, Part One: Students and Teachers in Zhengzhou

July 24, 2013

Welcome to Zhengzhou, China for the Asia-Pacific Young Student Leaders Congress, Youth & Dream, 2013. While most of the 300 high school students are from the Henan province where Zhengzhou is located in central China, some students arrived from diverse locales: other parts of China, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Lexington, Kentucky! Over five days […]

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Service Learning Comes Alive!

July 18, 2013

Fifty IB Conference attendees arrived for a day long preconference experience with service learning. And this was quite an experience. Several months ago, Mia DeMezza from EarthEcho International and I were joined by an IB team to visit outstanding nonprofit organizations in New Orleans that work toward community improvement. In particular, we wanted sites for […]

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Service in the 9th Ward

July 17, 2013

Today, a perfect beginning to the International Baccalaureate Conference of the Americas. Honoring the theme Innovate, Educate, Create, 30 people from a variety of countries chose to spend the afternoon in service. Of course this required planning by the IB team, however the value was apparent when we arrived at the Holy Cross Church in […]

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