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Free Service Learning Books for Download!

December 12, 2013

home_abcd_about_inlineThey are all yours: four service learning titles that make up the Service Learning for Kids series. Each offers a range of experiences to learn about the service learning process and engage in addressing a critical issue. These books have been used successfully with students from grades 4-10.

Why did I write them? Teachers asked for them! After the release of The Complete Guide to Service Learning teachers asked repeatedly, “Can you write service learning guides for us to use with students?” So I did, selecting four themes that can inspire and engage students all over the world: Hunger and Homelessness, Literacy, Animals, and Climate Change. In every book, students learn about the service learning process, have a range of experiences to gain knowledge, read about what other youth are doing, and construct their own plans for action.

Now in collaboration with Free Spirit Publishing, we are more than delighted to make these practical and helpful publications available for free download. Bonus: these are interdisciplinary and meet Common Core State Standards.

Download all FOUR by clicking on this link

A Kid’s Guide to Hunger and Homelessness features an investigation of Who is Hungry? in our communities. Looking at hunger through history features a section on the Irish potato famine and the gift from the Choctaw nation to Irish relief efforts and the work of Englishman Alexis Soyer with innovative soup kitchens. Inspired by my deep desire to replace the competitive school food drive with learning and action that matters. The first action guide in the series.

A Kid’s Guide to Helping Others Read and Succeed, the second action guide, is aimed to boost traditional tutoring programs with a deeper understanding about literacy, locally and globally. Be sure to see the list of ways programs can be improved by students doing personal inventory with their tutees, and by engaging their tutee in also doing service for others.

A Kid’s Guide to Protecting and Caring for Animals was written in partnership with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Students of every age care about animals and these habits of mind translate into kindness for all.

A Kid’s Guide to Climate Change and Global Warming features a global map of hot spots” in the world today, and a Call to Action regarding relevant advances that make this topic of urgent concern.

If you would like to order copies of these books (and for other exceptional titles), please visit my ABCD Books catalogue.

How will you use these publications? What are students up to? Let me know! I collect stories to share with others across the globe. Send me an email at

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