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Calling All Book Lovers!

May 20, 2014

PotatoesThumbBooks! Books and more books. Books are vital catalysts for curiosity and dynamic learning. So the big question is this: Have you refreshed your service learning bookshelf lately?  

With a simple click right here, visit my ABCD Books Catalogue and browse titles that excite, inform and inspire learners to action. When you click on any title, a full overview of the book is provided, and many also include suggestions for service learning.

Are gardening and sustainable food resources your keen interest? Then take a look at Potatoes on Rooftops.

Wanting to examine the issue of teen identity and stereotyping, then click on These Things Happen (and email me for a copy of the new teacher guide our CBK Associates team has written).

One Hen brings the idea of microfinance front and center and engages students in developing understanding of global issues, can be used with many ages. Similarly, the graphic novel War Brothers shows the unthinkable hardships of child soldiers. And do check out Deborah Ellis’ book about educating girls in Afghanistan, My Name is Parvana.

I am a HUGE fan of Janet and Jake Tashjian’s series My Life as a ___ and have a Teachers Guide ready to accompany the books … the latest My Life as a Joke is ALL about service! Email me directly for that order. These are rich with service learning options, and also rich with humor!

Of course my classics will stay on this bookshelf: The Wartville Wizard and Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch. Both are easily turned into plays, so students can become a traveling service learning theatre troup!

Four of the titles on the bookshelf—the entire Kids Guide to Taking Action series—are available for free download (click here for that link).

So you know, I can order any book for you that is in print and make suggestions for book connections that enrich your service learning plans. Just send an email. I have new books on the horizon, so stay tuned! And enjoy a summer of reading!

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Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A., CBK Associates

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