Register Now: Two Summer Service Learning Institutes with Cathryn Berger Kaye

January 7, 2015

Dates and locations are confirmed. Select the three-day Service Learning Summer Institute that best suits your needs. Each institute is custom designed to address the interests and needs of the attendees to move you forward.

A Foundations of Service Learning Institute – June 30-July 2, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia     

An Advanced Service Learning Institute – July 20-22, 2015 outside Albany, New York at Carey Conference Center

Both Institutes are led by international service learning consultant and author Cathryn Berger Kaye. If you have attended one of Cathryn’s workshops, weekends or three-day institutes, you know her methods are highly engaging, always interactive and deepen our understanding of best practice for high quality education. All educators welcome! For International School Educators, inquire about course credit by contacting

New to service learning? Getting a program or approach established? Then join us for the Foundations program in Atlanta.

Have you previously attended Cathryn’s seminars or Institutes, and are IMG_6528ready to dive deeper to strengthen your curricular and school-wide approach to service learning? Then come to the Advanced institute in New York.

Which one is for you? Read on!

Education as Action: Foundations of Service Learning Institute from June 30-July 2, 2015 hosted at The Westminster School, Atlanta, Georgia

Ready to be revitalized? Curious about how to launch or advance your current service learning program? Join with like-minded educators to experience an effective approach for integrating service learning as a teaching pedagogy that meets the needs of 21st century learners. Service learning creates a conducive environment for developing transferable skills and knowledge, high engagement and authentic experiences that gives meaning and purpose to school for teachers as well as students. During these three days we will draw from the expertise of all who attend, as well as the knowledge from author and international consultant Cathryn Berger Kaye. The centerpiece will be understanding and experiencing the Five Stages of Service Learning to ensure confidence in implementing a robust program.

Highlights include:

With highly interactive sessions, we will all advance with ideas, strategies and connections that will continue long beyond our time together. Receive two books including The Complete Guide to Service Learning and extensive handouts. Discover how service learning informs, engages and prepares your students to think critically, care deeply and participate in significant actions as they contribute to the common good.

Register HERE. Any questions? Email


An Advanced Service Learning Institute: Academics, Engagement and Purposeful Action from July 20-22, 2015 Carey Conference Center outside Albany, NY hosted by the New York State Association of Independent Schools

Registration includes program tuition, housing + meals for two nights (two breakfasts, three lunches, two dinners), and two books including The Complete Guide to Service Learning.

Service Learning moves us from ideas to purposeful action: this is the heart ♡ of service learning. Educators across the globe continue to seek ways to add depth and meaning to the learning process. We seek advanced strategies to compel understandings that are applicable to the dense and complex issues facing our communities. We want to know how to sustain and value the cultures—histories and traditions—around us, and establish purposeful community partnerships. Service learning becomes a vehicle for moving our academics forward with a high level of engagement motivated by the intrinsic desire to put ideas into action. This time together we will carefully examine the Ten Essential Elements and go further with exploring the five stages of service learning to strengthen the ways we investigate issues, reflect to enhance discovery and apply demonstration to emphasize metacognition while applying effective thinking strategies. Capturing and telling the service learning stories and expanding youth voice, choice and leadership will also be explored. Integrating service learning within a transdisciplinary approach to curriculum and the full program of your school will be the centerpiece of our collaboration.

Our highly interactive sessions led by Cathryn Berger Kaye, will draw upon the knowledge and abilities of all attending so together we advance with new ideas, strategies, and connections that will continue long beyond our time together. New and advanced concepts will expand our thinking and approach to education plus practical tools and strategies you can use to assist students and colleagues advance their service learning experiences. Learn more and register

For more information about Cathryn’s work, her international travel schedule, and to read articles (see Resources) and blogs, visit

See you this summer!

Comments from the 2014 Summer Service Learning Institute

“Extremely engaging and inspiring! It was very unique to have the workshop facilitator so accessible throughout the entire experience, ready to answer questions and help delve deeper. Very grateful.” Lisa Ventry, teacher, Brooklyn Friends School

“The past three days were incredibly fulfilling, meaningful and empowering. I am very eager and excited to bring back and share with the school and community. You are an extraordinary facilitator speaker and inspirational educator. Thank you so much for inspiring me. Aerin Hong, teacher, Ethical Culture

“The three days were FULL of great information and ideas. I am not only walking away with knowledge of service learning, but an understanding that allows me to apply to anywhere, to any age, any subject. This was practical and engaging the entire time. There was collaboration and learning by doing. I would recommend this course to any educator.” Daniel Kasnick, teacher, Newton College

“Thank you for the well-prepared sessions throughout the past three days. I especially appreciate the way you modeled so many wonderful teaching strategies. You are encouraging for all to consider ways we can further service learning at our schools. You helped build a connection between us all and your sense of humor is infection!” Catherine Souther, teacher, School of the Holy Child

“Really useful at identifying practical teaching and learning opportunities not just in service learning but transferable to all subjects. Engaging and well-presented workshops form an obvious expert.” Chris Abbott, Director of Teaching and Learning, Newton College

“The pace was perfect. We learned such a variety of practiced thoughts, ideas. Your energy sustained us all. You are respectful and welcoming. Your content is important and clearly presented. You’re so engaging! Everyone was involved and eager to learn.” Nan Peterson, Service Learning Coordinator, The Blake School

“The three-day Institute was invigorating, informative, collaborative and a fun experience. Cathy modeled in every activity, discussion, visual texts and all else what good teaching looks like, feels like, and sounds like. I learned so much. What a joy!” Susan Lettieri, Director of Global Programs,  Lawrence Woodmere Academy

“I feel much more confident with the term service learning now. The sessions cleared up a lot of questions I had. The workshop opened my mind to many possibilities that we can develop in our school.” Geoff Brown, division head, Newton College