Blog: August 2015

The Young Ones GROW and GROW!

August 31, 2015

Nan Peterson, a service learning maven at The Blake School with several campuses around Minneapolis, always brings to life the best educational opportunities. The stories appear so easy, and they are, when you realize that once this is how you think about education, the ideas simply make sense. Children learn best when actively engaged with […]

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Launch Your New School Year with Service Learning!

August 19, 2015

Why? Easy: because service learning engages students, connects them with a sense of purpose and meaning, and enlivens all that you hope to accomplish with your students this year. Consider that service learning has two key components: service and learning. As we know, service connects with the ♡. The idea of service provokes the notion […]

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Language Drives Culture

August 16, 2015

Language drives culture. This phrase stayed with me from graduate school where a course on Culture and Cognition was most compelling, and even though I was simply auditing the class I was intent on keeping up with all the work. Since language drives culture, words influence how we think and shape our understanding or lack […]

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What is “Soft” about “Soft Skills”?

August 3, 2015

I object! This terminology does not work for me, nor do I agree with the implication. When I think of “soft skills” the immediate image of soft serve ice cream comes to mind. I am not quite sure why, however this image is perfect. Soft. Light and fluffy. Sweet, but void of contributing nutrients. You […]

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