What to Do about Flint

February 8, 2016

Flint water crisis red graphic_1452554541600_1710850_ver1.0_1280_720I have received several inquiries: How can we engage students—elementary through university—in meaningful service learning related to the lead poisoning of water in Flint, Michigan? Let’s do this! Remember, in the service learning cycle before we can take action, we must investigate and prepare.

                      Chicago: Elementary kids collecting water.

                      CNN gives ways to assist.

                      Buffalo State lends a hand.

 University of Michigan is conducting research.

Water = life. We must preserve this fragile resource. And at risk in Flint and elsewhere are often the most vulnerable populations, children and elders. SO learn all you can. Discuss with others. Find experts and partners. Generate ideas and then Take Action! Document what you do and send it to me at Together we can!

In peace,


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