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Books to Spark Action: Five Themes to Read Aloud

March 15, 2016

Catch this new list of books selected for high school students to read aloud to New York City upper elementary school students (grades 3-5) to raise awareness and deepen understanding of five different societal issues. As part of a NYC Service in Schools Leadership Program being developed by CBK Associates, a week of preparation will enable high schoolers to design service experiences for the younger participants. These books will be part of the process.  More about the leadership program at the end.

In making these selections I was seeking to refresh my list of “standards” – my go-to books that have been tried and true over the years. Fortunately I have a local children’s bookstore (they do exist, however they are endangered), Children’s Book World in West Los Angeles. Their wonderful staff also are amenable to digging into the shelves to find some fabulous titles we can all enjoy.

The result? A blended list. Some of my tried and true books, and new ones that have me inspired!


Health and Exercise



 Trash and Pollution

Books to inspire understanding of Service and Learning! Gifts for young service learning students and their high school counterparts to keep the fires burning!

What is this leadership program all about? 

This innovative leadership program blends youth development of knowledge and skills through a range of highly interactive learning experiences. Over five days in April, high school students will explore leadership concepts and theories, design and conduct interviews with people immersed in five societal issues, use the five stages of service learning to conceptualize a plan for engaging elementary children in their chosen theme, and develop story-boards to develop a Youth Summit for Service to be held in May – and more! CBK Associates leadership team, Maureen Connolly and I are collaborating on this venture, with an added group of college students being on site as role models for the teens. The interactive experiences also meet specific learning outcomes and align with Common Core State Standards. All is custom-designed for the New York City Service in Schools program. We are delighted to support this important work of developing young leaders and a new cadre of youth engaged in service learning, all in the Big Apple!

Always loving books,

Cathryn Berger Kaye

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