Stories from the Field: Dulwich College, Shanghai

December 4, 2019

Being on the road, one always wonders how what happens in a workshop or consultation is translated into 2019 Dulwich Grade 4 PI on lockersaction by the wonderful educators I meet. Hilary Puke-Petero, grade 4 teacher at Dulwich College, Shanghai, shared two fab stories.

“Here are the photos of how I used your Personal Inventory — Interest, Skills and Talents with the students. The students created visuals with the purpose of them being on display on their lockers [see close up photo below] so other children can take note of their interest, skills and talents and can form friendships, or ask that student for help. I’ve already had a student who is great at Manga Drawing teach all of the other girls in the class how to draw the characters and holds little tutorials in the morning for them!

Another way I have used your MISO method [Action Research Method of Media, Interview, Survey, Observation] was for our PAW CCA – an afterschool Animal Welfare Club that I run with Year 3-6 [grades 4-7]. The children wanted to help a local and rather overwhelmed shelter (with 230 dogs!) hold an Adoption Day at school. With such a range of ages and abilities, the children split off into four groups based on the MISO METHOD and it was so wonderful to see them all involved.

The Media Team met with the school’s Marketing Team and created digital posters to go on display on all social platforms.2019 Dulwich Amnimal Welfare Club Adoption

The Interview Team interviewed the owner of the shelter and was able to build a profile for her (she has no website so was not well known ).

The Survey Team surveyed many adults to find get an idea of interest. They were also about to determine which breeds of dogs would be most popular to have present on the day.

The Observation Team were sent photos and videos of the dogs to analyse and build individual profiles for them each  to be displayed on the day.

Of the 10 dogs that came, 3 were adopted. The weather was not great and there was a miscommunication where many people thought the event had been cancelled.

Since this Service Experience, the shelter has since become one of our Official Dulwich Charities, their profile has been raised, and a number of other families have since adopted from them. Since hearing about PAW’s work, Senior School students have begun building her an online platform to manage and update.

Thank you so much for your inspiration! Safe travels for the rest of your trip!2019 Dulwich Amnimal Welfare Club Adoption 3

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What a fabulous example of a teacher taking what she learned and making adaptations to engage students more completely! These stories can now be shared in my workshops across the globe! Thanks Hilary and Dulwich for being an exemplary school!

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Grateful for these opportunities to connect and grow.


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