Blog: January 2020

Service Learning in Upper Level High School Courses? YES!

January 27, 2020

How many times have I heard “Service learning cannot work in advanced and high-level classes?” Whether AP or IB, this has been a constant refrain and I do understand the concern. When the emphasis is on covering content to pass an exam, how can teachers be expected to “add” service learning? Thank you, Lee Anne […]

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BOOK TALK! Titles to Inspire ALL Ages

January 26, 2020

Every January I have the privilege of leading a West Hollywood Children’s Roundtable BOOK TALK! For over 20 years, the City of West Hollywood has hosted a gathering of people from schools, organizations, and government agencies who actively support children/teens and families. These monthly get-togethers, September to May, are ripe with information and ideas, including this annual […]

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When a School is Ready: Consulting at the International School Yangon

January 24, 2020

Four days at International School Yangon, ISY, illuminated what a “ready for service learning” school looks like, and what moving forward entails. Back story. Last spring, I was asked to lead service learning workshops in Bangkok at a NESA (Near East School Association) conference and was glad to participate. Among the attendees was a cohort […]

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