Book Talk

BOOK TALK! Books that Inspire Us to Learn and Take Action

April 3, 2018

For my annual West Hollywood Children’s Roundtable BOOK TALK, I compose a list of books on specific themes determined in collaboration with the Social Services Team from the City of West Hollywood.  The City graciously purchases these books — and I give a book talk for the 40+ attendees, all from schools and agencies that support […]

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Books to Spark Action: Five Themes to Read Aloud

March 15, 2016

Catch this new list of books selected for high school students to read aloud to New York City upper elementary school students (grades 3-5) to raise awareness and deepen understanding of five different societal issues. As part of a NYC Service in Schools Leadership Program being developed by CBK Associates, a week of preparation will […]

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Now Read This! Book Recommendations

February 19, 2016

For my annual City of West Hollywood Children’s Roundtable BOOK TALK, I presented these fabulous titles. Some are tried and true exceptional books. Some are hot off the shelf. All are worth the time to read and to share.  Disclaimer. I typically provide publishers and grade recommendations however at the risk of being less than […]

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Remembering Normal Bridwell, creator of Clifford the Big Red Dog

February 16, 2015

I was a new author. My first book was published by Little, Brown and Company in 1985 – Word Works—Why the Alphabet is a Kid’s Best Friend. Remember the Brown Paper Books series? I was the last published in the set of about 16. I was so excited to have a book and a one […]

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Maya Angelou, touching lives

May 28, 2014

October 22, 1982: Bill Moyer’s Creativity series on PBS opens with a segment in Stamps, Arkansas, the home of a young Maya Angelou. This television segment is a tribute to this astounding woman as she shares her personal story of growth and healing in the aftermath of tragedy. During the 80s, I screened this for […]

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Calling All Book Lovers!

May 20, 2014

Books! Books and more books. Books are vital catalysts for curiosity and dynamic learning. So the big question is this: Have you refreshed your service learning bookshelf lately?   With a simple click right here, visit my ABCD Books Catalogue and browse titles that excite, inform and inspire learners to action. When you click on any […]

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Linda Brown, You are Not Alone: The Brown V. Board of Education Decision

May 17, 2014

In 2003, a brilliant book was published: Linda Brown, You Are Not Alone: The Brown V. Board of Education Decision, by Joyce Carol Thomas. This book catapulted me into the center of this monumentous* occasion, it’s history, and the impact of lives—individuals and collectives. The summary: When the Supreme Court decision to desegregate public schools […]

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Climate Change: Three Must-Have Books

May 7, 2014

So climate change is front page news in the US. Anyone surprised? If you want to raise awareness about this topic with your students, I have three must-read books for you. One looks toward the past and one toward the future. And one is for free. The Curse of Akkad: Climate Upheavals that Rocked Human […]

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5 Elements of Effective Thinking

April 4, 2014

When I first heard Michael Starbird speak on this topic, I knew we had a kindred experience going on. This small yet powerful book The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking (Edward Burger and Michael Starbird, Princeton University Press, 2012) encapsulates key teachable lessons that make transparent specific aspects of how we unravel and advance knowing. […]

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My Annual Book Talk in West Hollywood: Nine Great Book Titles

January 19, 2014

The West Hollywood Children’s Roundtable shows what a city can do. The City West Hollywood has, since the mid-90s, gathered various stakeholders to think about ways to provide optimum services for children and families. This brings together educators, social services, parents, and agencies to meet monthly, from September through June. They share resources, collaborate on […]

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