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KidsGuideToProtectingAnimalsHow To Take Action

By Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A.

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Do you want service learning activities, examples, and planning tips and tools for middle and high school kids that make a difference on the local, national, and global scene? This workbook, part of Free Spirit’s How to Take Action! series by internationally renowned service learning expert Cathryn Berger Kaye, is what you need.

A Kids’ Guide to Protecting & Caring for Animals teaches about issues related to animal welfare, such as:

Kids explore ways to address the needs of animals—both domestic and wild—read what others in the world (including young people their age) have done and are doing to help, find out what their community needs, and develop a service learning plan. The workbook includes facts, quotations, real-life examples, write-on pages, resources, a note to adults—and a lot of inspiration to get out there and make a meaningful contribution. Includes exclusive interviews with Ed Sayres, president of the ASPCA, and Kathe Koja, author of straydog.



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