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ConversationStartersBy Devora Kaye

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When Devora Kaye as an eighth-grade student began spending time at a day care center for people living with memory loss as part of a service learning experience, she recognized the difficulties in being comfortable in this unfamiliar setting. She realized many young people would benefit by spending time at this setting and similar ones around the country.

That’s when DEVORA KAYE, then a middle school student, authored this innovative and creative publication which includes an introduction with smart advice for young volunteers and 26 alphabet pages of conversation starters–easy to use and fun to color.

Service Learning Idea: Elders   An excellent example of a young person seeing a need and taking the initiative to make a useful contribution. Can be used to educate youth about how to interact respectfully with people living with Alzheimer’s or who have had a stroke. This book is also a model of a student publication that reaches out to multiple communities. For copies of Devora’s ABC template to write your own book, please contact ABCD Books.

A portion of all sales will be donated to OPICA.
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THIS BOOK IS AVAILABLE by emailing The online bookstore is closed. (Ignore “out of stock below.)

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