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EmptyBy Suzanne Weyn

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Empty take place in the future, 10 years from now. The once reliable supply of natural resources has been depleted, fossil fuels are running out, and the United States may be headed for war with Venezuela. For teens in the small town of Sage Valley, New York, life will never be the same. This tranquil community now faces life and death struggles as individuals and families face untold challenges and must reevaluate choices and how to pull together as a community.

Since the protagonists are teens, students truly identify with their dilemmas. This was intentional, as stated by author Suzanne Weyn in an Author Interview: “I wanted the story to be personal. I wanted to look at how the absence of natural resources would impact a person in a town like my town. . . . Until something hits you personally, all of this environmental uproar can seem vague and unimportant. Yet environmental issues matter every single day.

“This book, on a narrative level is about a town in crises. This could be any town. Could it really happen?”

As students meet Gwen, Tom, Niki, and Hector, they meet real teens who worry about dates and nail polish and fitting in. As the story emerges and an array of situations present that are rich in science content, unlikely heroes emerge. In this story rich with informative text and compelling narrative, the ultimate question emerges: Is this or a similar scenario possible? Are there places in the world this is already occurring? And what about our daily choices and collective actions can ensure a safer future for all?

A true page-turner!

NOTE! Empty is a featured text with full curriculum in Cathryn Berger Kaye’s Strategies for Success with 21st Century Skills and Science: A Learning Curriculum that Serves. Learn more how this curriculum is being used with schools in Hawaii through the Hawaii Department of Education. Contact us!

Service Learning Ideas: Environment   This book is packed with examples of students being active and proactive in helping their communities, including gardening methods and ways to conserve energy and other natural resources.

Fiction, 192 pages. Grades 6-12

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