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150 Easy Ways for Kids and Grown-Ups to Get Into Nature and Build a Greener Future

By Judy Molland

Need a friendly guide on finding ways to appreciate nature and how to help kids go green? Get Out! is chockful of eco-friendly ideas to help families, classrooms, and groups get outside, learn about nature, experience the world in new ways, and take a hands-on approach to green living. Chapters on being an eco-friendly consumer and eco-friendly eater, as well as on choosing an issue and taking a stand, make for a well-rounded yet easy-to-use handbook for making a difference indoors and out.

Open to any page to find something to do today. The payoff is huge: research shows that spending time enjoying nature can actually improve our physical and emotional health. Bonus: Kids who learn to love nature will naturally do more to conserve it. Eureka! Get Out! shows you ways to:

With Get Out!, green living is fun and easy.

Reviews are In

A great starter book for families looking to make their first forays into the green lifestyle. Along with suggestions for nature-themed activities, Molland focuses on fun ways to incorporate the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) into every family member’s day from a young age.”—Junior

This book would be great for any parent, grandparent, or homeschooling family!”—Lori Lyman, At the Fence blog

“This book is ideal for teachers, group leaders, and even families.”—Green Teacher Magazine

“A fabulous resource for schools, childcare, libraries, homeschoolers, and anyone else who has a say in how children are raised to appreciate nature.”—Central Florida Green Guide

Get Out! is a perfect baby shower gift for expecting parents, a birthday gift for parents planning their summer activities, or a gift to your elderly neighbors who are babysitting their grandchildren for spring break.”—SF Green Parenting Examiner

Get Out! is a tidy little book of 150 quick ideas to get kids out in nature and to teach them basic green habits.” —The Ohio River Region Get Out! Magazine 

Free Spirit Publishing 128 pages, two-color, parents, teachers, and youth leaders


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