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HandbookforBoysNovelA Novel

by Walter Dean Myers

In Handbook for Boys: A Novel, author Walter Dean Myers takes us to Harlem, a neighborhood in New York City. After assaulting a student, our teenage narrator Jimmy opts for a community mentoring program instead of six months in a youth facility.

As terms of his probation, Jimmy joins another youth Kevin for six months of work at Duke’s Barber Shop after school. Here he interacts with several characters, each aiming to teach the boys life’s essential lessons. And with all his might, Jimmy resists and resists. Still, it’s the caring and diligence of these older mentors that finally captures Jimmy and prepares him being responsible for his actions and his choices.

The book has an author introduction, prologue, and seventeen chapters. And as with all of Walter Dean Myer’s stories, the dialogue is compelling and the topics covered that are in the lives of teens everyday shows why Myers is always a courageous, thoughtful and successful writer.

Note: Handbook for Boys: A Novel is a featured book with curriculum in Cathryn Berger Kaye’s Strategies for Success with 21st Century and Literacy: A Learning Curriculum that Serves. When implemented in the Los Angeles Unified School District, about 8,000 rising 9th graders read this book and learned standards based skills while enjoying the read!

Grades 8-12 Novel

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