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IncreaseThePeace_lgThe ABC’s of Tolerance

By Devora Kaye
ABCD Books

In this alphabetical journey through Tolerance, find out about Action, Respect, and Making a Difference. Discover ideas for reaching out one-on-one to learn more about a new friend or neighbor. Consider diving into a social action project to let your Voice be heard. This book is guaranteed to spark the seeds of peacemaking and Increase the Peace!

DEVORA KAYE authored Increase the Peace as a high school sophomore following her successful book Conversation Starters As Easy As ABC 123 – how to start conversations with people how have memory loss. Now as an adult, Devora still hopes to inspire students to take action where they have passion, and use their skills and talents to improve our communities.

Both of Devora’s books have inspired students all over the globe to write their own ABC books using her method and template. To request a template, contact ABCD Books. All profits for this book are donated to a cause to build tolerance and mutual respect for all.

ABCD Books  30 pages  All ages

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