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MimisVillageBy Katie Smith Milway

Mimi Malaho and her family help bring basic health care to their community. By making small changes like sleeping under mosquito nets and big ones like building a clinic with outside help, the Malahos and their neighbors transform their Kenyan village from one afraid of illness to a thriving community.

This book provides an exceptional overview to a complex issue in terms that children can truly understand. The key issues are the lack of clean water and basic health care that keeps children and communities safe and strong. Central to the story are also lesson on malnutrition and sanitation. The vivid drawings and language portray a respectful view of this East African culture and is ideal to expand children’s knowledge and understand of the world around them. Organizations and ways to be helpful are included.

Service Learning Ideas: Healthy Lives, Environment   Many times youth want to get involved in global issues and lack an age appropriate lens to understanding the issues. This book helps students in their investigation and preparation, so they can move toward action with knowledge and the ability to communicate more effectively. Frequently, students may be working with partners; always, when working with partner organizations, students need to be sure of the work being done on the ground. When possible, when doing global outreach, students benefit by addressing similar or comparable issues in their own communities.


“Readers will take much away from this, including an appreciation for their health-care resources and a desire to make a difference in the world.”— Kirkus Reviews

“With bright, lively acrylic illustrations, the story is followed with several informative spreads, including ways that young readers can help create change.”— Booklist

“… a great tool to use to expand children’s worldviews about the basic needs of other kids around the world.”— School Library Journal

“A great resource for introducing children to the issues surrounding global health and empowering them to get involved.” — Ophelia Dahl, Executive Director, Partners In Health

Kids Can Press  Hardcover  32 pages   All Ages

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