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MyLifeAsAStuntBoyBy Janet Tashjian with awesome illustrations by Jake Tashjian

Derek Fallon gets the opportunity of a lifetime—to be a stunt boy in a major movie featuring a pretty teen starlet. After accepting the job he learns that he is the star’s stunt double and must wear a wig! His friends are never going to let him live this down. If that weren’t his only problem, his parents are threatening to give away his pet monkey, and his best friend just posted an embarrassing video of him on Youtube. Can life get any worse? Still the irrepressible Derek takes it all in stride and even manages to save the day.

As with My Life as a Book, the drawings along the way add to the hilarity of the situation, thanks to the fabulous Jake Tashjian!

Service Learning Ideas: Literacy and More These books easily inspire kids to make their own vocabulary cards or cartoons for readers who need support. Drawings would be also valuable for learners with a variety of special needs, or people learning a new language – imagine bilingual vocab cards. Possibilities abound!

The second of three (with more to come) of the most ingenious and fun-to-read books, ever. Each book shares the adventures of Derek Fallon who has energy to spare and finds some form of mischief about every corner. Along the way, we are completely enthralled by the hundreds of stick figure vocabulary drawings by teen illustrator Jake Tashjian. This mother/son duo rocks! Inspires any young reader, even reluctant one, and all these books are great for read-alouds. Be sure to visit their website at to watch videos and submit your own illustrations to Jake!

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“A fast-moving plot and relatable protagonist make this stand-alone sequel a good choice for boys who, like Derek, would rather reach for a TV remote or game controller than a book.” –School Library Journal

“Fans of the first will be utterly delighted by this sequel and anxious to see what Jake will turn up as next.” –BCCB

“This is a great package for kids, especially those like Derek who don’t think they like to read.” –Booklist

“Another fun, emotionally resonant read for the Wimpy Kid set and beyond.” –Kirkus Reviews

272 pages   Ages 9 and up

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10+ $12.00

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