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PotatoesOnRooftopsFarming in the Concrete Jungle

By Hadley Dyer

From high school students to high-rise dwellers, people—including Michelle Obama—are discovering innovative ways to grow fresh, healthy, and delicious fruit and vegetables at home, in community gardens, and at school. This brisk, informative overview explains how farming in the city is not only fun, but also important for the planet.

There are many ways to farm in the city: a Detroit high school program teaches students to grow food and raise chickens; in Tokyo, a bank vault was converted into an underground greenhouse; in Nairobi, local youth transformed part of a slum into a garden that helps feed their families. Read about modern inventions such as futuristic pod greenhouses, food-producing wall panels, and industrial-sized composters.

Short, kid-friendly descriptions and vibrant photos and illustrations keep the pace moving and the tone light. Potatoes on Rooftops is the perfect book to get you thinking about how you, too, can grow food in the city.

Service Learning Ideas: Gardening, Environment, Healthy Lives  This book would fit into most every class. Rich with science, geography, math, social studies, and inventive thinking  — all leading to getting yourself growing. Seeing the examples inspires students and teachers to realize we can all get into the soil and make good things happen.

Reviews Are In!

“Dyer’s gift is a clear and fun writing style, but the content is totally up-to-date with the latest avant-gardener info from the field … It will open a lot of young people’s thinking to cool job possibilities they’ve never dreamed of before.”—Wayne Roberts, Leading North American food policy analyst

“You need this book in your classrooms, community centers and summer camps! Brimming with inviting visuals, and short, practical projects, it will give you and your kids a basket-full of ideas for getting growing, with hands in the soil.”—Wally Seccombe, Co-founder and Chair of Everdale Organic Farm and Environmental Learning Centre, Toronto

“… Hadley Dyer gives us a book that shows just how manageable eating locally can be and how important it is for personal health and the health of our planet. She also highlights the urban farming movement and shares a wealth of ideas for getting kids involved.”—The Miss Rumphius Effect

“Loaded with information and helpful hints, POTATOES ON ROOFTOPS just might inspire some individuals to join the urban farming movement and start small gardens at home or even at school.”—CM Reviews

“… Dyer underscores how each individual is a link in an important chain.”—Publishers Weekly

“Timely, attractively designed, and inspirational. Dig in!”—Booklist

Softcover 84 Pages  8.75 x 9.5 Targeted for grades 4 – 7 though every age would love this book!

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