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SeedfolksBy Paul Fleischman

Through thirteen interconnected short stories we meet a diverse urban community. One by one, people of varying ages and backgrounds transform a city lot that is filled with garbage into a productive, beautiful garden. In the process, they each grow.

This compelling story brings us into urban Cleveland. We meet Kim. To honor her father’s memory, she plants bean seeds. Next comes Ana who watches a little girl go in and out of a lot, suspecting she is up to no good. With each person we witness the choices and consequences, and how growing really requires a village.

Seedfolks includes a letter from the author, Paul Fleischman.

Note: Seedfolks is a featured book with curriculum in Cathryn Berger Kaye’s Strategies for Success with 21st Century and Literacy: A Learning Curriculum that Serves. When implemented in the Los Angeles Unified School District, 8,000 rising 9th graders read this book and learned standards based skills while enjoying the read!

Service Learning Ideas: Environment, Gardening  Are you gardening with students in grades 5 and up? This book has many ways to engage and inspire students and to help them approach the process of gardening with more possibilities of engaging community, solving problems through collaboration, adding cultural elements, and seeing gardens as a vital part of how communities can thrive.

Fiction, 69 pages, Grades 5-10

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