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SomebodyLovesYouMrHatchBy Eileen Spinelli

An anonymous valentine turns standoffish Mr. Hatch into a friend and helper of everyone in the neighborhood. That’s all it took: one singular act of kindness. Eileen Spinelli has authored a classic story for all ages. We see how one person can ignite all sorts of kind acts. And we can understand how sad the neighborhood would be if for any reason the kindness stopped.

In this story you will want to share with everyone you know, Eileen Spinelli may be igniting a pay-it-forward mentality. In an interview found in its entirety in The Complete Guide to Service Learning, Eileen shared the story behind the story:

“The story of Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch began with the idea of kindness being important in life. I have known several people who were not so friendly. I discovered they were either very shy, which can appear unfriendly, or they were dealing with a lot of sadness in their lives. This became ‘Mr. Hatch,’ who is a little shy, and a little different and lonely. He may seem to be not friendly but his heart is friendly. He needs the little spark of love to bloom which is the way we all are.

“I love the spirit of Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch. Like many other writers, I wanted to make a statement that kindness is important, even underrated, and can make a big difference in the world. I was able to say this in a humorous way.

“One teacher told me that on Valentine’s Day she placed a bag of candy at the door of a neighbor who had been giving her a hard time. She told the kids and they made valentines for classmates they were having a hard time with. I have heard of kids taking brownies and lemonade to the fire department; others have visited nursing homes. They have done things for people who work at school.

“We can also show kindness, even to people we don’t know very well. Mr. Hatch is a sweet character and with just a bit of kindness from others, returns the kindness many times over.”

Service Learning Ideas: Safe and Strong Communities   An all-time favorite, this book has inspired so many good deeds and actions all year long. With the Valentine theme, this is an easy book to begin to use in January in anticipation of February!

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