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Climate Upheavals that Rocked Human History

By Peter Christie

In this ever changing world, where scientists are aiming to understand and predict the impact of humans on our planet, Peter Christie in The Curse of Akkad–Climate Upheavals that Rocked Human History provides a unique and powerful glimpse into our past and perhaps a foreshadowing of our future. The Annick Press website offers a concise overview of the book:

When Sargon of Akkad created the world’s first empire 4,000 years ago, he thought none could conquer his powerful kingdom. He was wrong. A disastrous drought in Mesopotamia helped topple the Akkadian civilization.

Similar climate-related events rocked other civilizations. Ancient Rome experienced a catastrophic 18 months of darkness, possibly from a volcanic eruption half-a-world away.

Mayan society in Mexico began to crumble when fresh water became scarce.

And both ancient Egypt and ancient China were transformed by failed crops and starving citizens.

While many wonder how today’s warming climate will affect our future, The Curse of Akkad explores capricious climate shifts of the past. From an ice age that gave humans an evolutionary leg up to an El Niño that frustrated the battle plans of Hitler, author Peter Christie shows that the prevailing weather of a place is not simply a backdrop to important events, but often a critical player.

NOTE! The Curse of Akkad–Climate Upheavals that Rocked Human History is a featured text with full curriculum in Cathryn Berger Kaye’s Strategies for Success with 21st Century Skills and Science: A Learning Curriculum that Serves. Learn more how this curriculum is being used with schools in Hawaii through the Hawaii Department of Education. Contact us!

Service Learning Ideas: Environment   This book can be a model for knowing what is occurring in our environment and finding successful ways to communicate this to others. These short stories can inspire students to find out what is occurring now from the people who have seen change over time. Capturing these stories and sharing with others, including as Citizen Journalists, can be extremely powerful. For more on Citizen Journalism, contact us!

Nonfiction  160 pages Grades 6-12; a resource for teachers K-12

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