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TheMisfitsBy James Howe

Four students who struggle to fit in at their middle school laugh together, explore friendship, issues of the day, school dynamics, family, and the ever pervasive put downs. How likely would it be for Addie, Joe, Skeezie, and Bobby, our narrator, to win a school-wide election? Hardly a chance, unless their reason for running is to put an end to name-calling, with the No-Name Party. As they enter the challenging world of adolescent popularity, politics, love, and loss, along the way they change their school forever.

With this book, author James Howe reveals the daily lives of adolescents trying to maneuver through an ever-challenging world. He breathes life into these characters with the daily occurrences that ring true for the reader in this familiar journey through the halls of middle school. This inspiring story has also given birth to National No Name-Calling Week, an annual program adopted by all levels of schools, initiated by the publisher Simon & Schuster  and GLSEN—the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Educators Network. Visit for more information and join this national movement.

Ready for more about these teens? Two sequels are available, each with a different narrator from this fabulous foursome:

Totally Joe has Joe as narrator. Picking up where The Misfits left off, Joe has a class assignment: To write is alphabetical autobiography. With chapters like V is for Victim No More you will be cheering for Joe in this laugh out loud heartwarming 26 chapter book.

If Addie appears as a bit stubborn and opinionated when we first meet her, now we get to know her as Addie from the Inside. Written in prose poems, Addie reveals her thoughts and feelings, and a deeper look at a young teen aiming to find her place in the world by listening to her thoughts and her heart.

Service Learning Ideas: Safe and Strong Communities  This spectacular book can be a centerpiece for replacing bullying and name-calling with respectful relationships through the No Name-Calling Week program and also just making sure this book is read and discussed. Students can come up with ingenious ideas to bring this no name-calling concept to life and this is a most worthwhile endeavor.

Simon & Schuster The Misfits 274pages Grades 5-9

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