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ToestomperAndTheCaterpillarsby Sharlene Collicott

Toestomper and his Rowdy Ruffian friends are mean, and they like it that way. How do they spend time? Coming up with ways to cause trouble, or by playing cards with each other and cheating. However, when an attempt to be mean backfires and leads to Toestomper caring for a family of fuzzy caterpillars, he becomes more kind (to the chagrin of his friends).

This hilarious story about friendship and bullying is one every person can relate to. In an interview found in its entirety in The Complete Guide to Service Learning, Sharleen Collicott says, “I create stories, including Toestomper and the Caterpillars, for my own pleasure and hope others enjoy the books as well. How did Toestomper and the Caterpillars develop? I had about eight different storylines I could go in with my initial drawings of Toestomper and the little caterpillars. He is a bit of a tough guy. I tried to think of a name that was mean but not too mean.

“In this story, Toestomper changes. First he is mean and hanging with the wrong guys. He changes  because of the caterpillars. He becomes a ‘daddy’ or a helper. He also makes the caterpillars a little like him as you can see in the last drawing. I like that this book can help someone learn about bullying and friendship. It shows that Toestomper truly has a good side underneath his rough exterior.”

Toestomper and the Caterpillar is all fun—with a message!

Service Learning Ideas: Safe and Strong Communities  Ready for fun? This book cries out to be dramatized or used with role plays and skits to teach peers, younger children, and adults. What a great way to spread a message of kindness—with humor that raises awareness.

Picture book, all ages
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