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WarBrothersBy Sharon D. McKay and Daniel Lafrance

Jacob is a 14-year-old Ugandan who is sent away to a boys’ school. Once there, he assures his friend Tony that they need not be afraid—they will be safe. But not long after, in the shadow of the night, the boys are abducted. Marched into the jungle, they are brought to an encampment of the feared rebel soldiers. They are told they must kill or be killed, and their world turns into a terrifying struggle to endure and survive.

In time, the boys escape. Hunted by the rebels, stalked by a lion, and even pursued by river crocs, they miraculously succeed in reaching safety. However, it is no longer enough. Jacob wrestles with the question of whether we are all really beasts inside. He decides the way through the pain is to record his story.

Daniel Lafrance’s powerful, striking, and poignant artwork and the crisp, evocative text vividly capture the haunting experiences of a young boy caught in a brutal war.

This graphic novel is based on an award-winning YA novel by Sharon McKay. Sharon has spent time with child soldiers and based this story on real-life accounts.

Service Learning Ideas: Safe and Strong Communities, Social Change   Clearly this capture the hearts and minds of the readers, with a deep desire and conviction to ensure every child is safe from harm. Through advocacy and sharing information, often working in partnership with established organizations, students can gain a sense of efficacy through participation in a cause of global importance. Having the story to tell aides the students in the process. Perhaps also this can be a catalyst for students to capture their own stories or stories from their communities to move toward social justice.


“A truly important work that is well worth the read.” —School Library Journal, *starred review

“… a challenging, uncompromising work and, in its graphic form, a beautiful treatment of stark ugliness.” —Quill and Quire, *starred review

“Powerful storytelling based on documented experiences … it’s as relevant as ever …”—Kirkus

“… very accurately portrays the criminality of adults who abduct kids to carry out crimes against humanity… This engrossing book … should be read by anyone wanting to know about Kony’s LRA.”— Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire (Retired), international child soldier advocate

“His story has haunted me for weeks.”—School Library Journal, Reaching Reluctant Readers

“This is a sorrowful and all-too-true story, but one that ends on a hopeful note.”—Booklist

“This is the kind of graphic novel everyone should read.” —NetGalley

“… a powerful graphic novel and a really good read.”—Comic Book Resources
“It’s done with such a delicate finesse that it offers a path to empathy without causing a kid to sink into depression about the implications and possibilities.” —Reverse Direction

“While capturing the horrific tragedy of the life of child soldiers, co-creators Sharon E. McKay and Daniel Lafrance also manage to offer inspiration: war decimates, and yet everlasting bonds can also be forged.” —BookDragon, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

176 pages Young adult

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