These curriculum offerings can be used in a variety of ways to engage students in learning that builds and strengthens 21st century skills and may lead to service. Use them with other teachers for professional development as well as with students. Watch the ideas spread! In fact, many students have easily led workshops for their peers and also for teachers with these strategies. Use as is, adapt, and share. Do let us know how you bring their curricular strategies to life.

Personal Inventory

Often I am asked, How do we begin a service learning process? I always answer: With a Personal Inventory. Use the Personal Inventory organizers provided, elementary and secondary versions. Have students interview each other in pairs to reveal abilities and interests that will ultimately be helpful to the group.


Quotable Quotes

If you have read my books or attended any of my workshops, you know I am a true fan of quotes. What to do with quotes? Download the document QUOTABLE QUOTES, from The Complete Guide to Service Learning CD-ROM to find TEN ideas for putting quotes to use immediately.


ABCD Books

Based on a book writing process originated by my daughter Devora Kaye when she was in 8th grade, this ABC Book template has been used by thousands of students on many continents as a guide to write and distribute books on a myriad of topics.


In Our Global Village

Join In Our Global Village, a global service learning program whereby students write books about their communities for a worldwide audience. Inspired by the book In Our Village: Kambi ya Simba through the Eyes of Its Youth, the program now reaches far corners of the world creating opportunities for learning through meaningful connections.