About Us

About Us

CBK Associates: International consultants with a wealth of talent derived from years of experience.

Perhaps you have been present for an inspiring conference keynote where hundreds of people participate in a unique and memorable interaction. Or you have attended a conference workshop or preconference session with concepts and teaching strategies, methods and ideas you can use immediately. You may be part of a school where we spent a day or a week leading a myriad of sessions with teachers and administrators to advance your priorities.

Around the world, familiarity with CBK Associates stems from dynamic and signature programs promoting service learning, strategies for success with academics, and 21st century skills and knowledge reaching all ages. Perhaps, like many we work with—schools and schools districts, universities, organizations, municipalities, non-profits,  corporations, and forward thinkers—you know the benefits of long-term relationships that improve programs or create new resources for educators, leaders and communities.

CBK Associates, led by author and innovator Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A., also has extensive experience with organizational development. Most definitely, CBK Associates offers forward thinking solutions to improving systems. Find out how we work with media and discover unique opportunities for promoting your resources. We always welcome dynamic partnerships.

From education to leadership to changing the world, our approach is custom-designed and collaborative. We are presenters, authors, thinkers, planners, creators, and partners. Discover more about CBK Associates.