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Please note: Our website is being UPdated to introduce our global team of consultants collaborating for a more just, equitable andCBK TEAM 2 inclusive society.


CBK Associates: International consultants with a wealth of talent derived from years of experience.

Around the world, familiarity with CBK Associates stems from dynamic and signature programs promoting equity, justice and inclusion, service learning, social and emotional wellbeing, and essential skills and knowledge reaching all ages. Perhaps, like many we work with—schools and schools districts, universities, organizations, municipalities, non-profits,  corporations, and forward thinkers—you know the benefits of long-term relationships that improve programs or create new resources for communities. We always welcome dynamic partnerships.

Until our website is revived with a new look and all updated information — please meet our consultants here; more to come: 

Cathryn Berger Kaye, founder of CBK Associates, brings learning to life — in any situation — thorough high level engagement and content that matters. She is an author, framer, ranter, concept developer, and presenter/collaborator who aims to elevate conversations towards topics that create change based on authentic issues, values and concerns we have yet to unravel. Bringing together this team of consultants is a personal joy and relief, because together we can accomplish so much more. Chris Pic

J Christopher Neal of ArkPhilosophy is an equity, justice and liberation educator leading our outreach to assist groups with topics on inclusion, bias and moving from trauma-informed to a healing centered approach. A “native son” of Detroit Michigan, is an exhibiting visual artist, writer, educator and community organizer. His career path has been varied with experiences in art, arts education, content and curriculum design; youth leadership, service learning, racial justice, implicit bias; coaching, and in community restorative and healing practices.

Maureen Connolly, Ed.D. brings a dynamic quality as an educator, whether in her role as a professor of Secondary Education at The College of New Jersey, when teaching international educators in Spain, or leading workshops for teens and adult mentors in New York City. From her early years as a high school English teacher, Maureen integrated service learning as a necessary component to engage students and guide them in self-empowerment to effect change. Maureen brings an extensive background in education to her role as a longtime consultant with CBK Associates.

Threlfall Photorin Threlfall is an artist, educator, and consultant whose passion is making the work a better place via the arts and education. Originally from the US, Erin is now Assistant Principal at the International School of Lausanne. Erin brings concepts of self-identity, wellbeing, growth mindset, mindfulness, and service learning to educators across the globe. Her style and energetic spark can light up a room, as she connects ideas with taking meaningful action whether in designing purposeful curriculum, reframing school foundational concepts or creating cross-age learning experiences.

Shei Ascencio, M.Ed. describes herself as an international educator, learner, consultant, workshop leader, online facilitator, and at heart mum, partner, friend, traveler and foodie. Shei hails from Mexico with just under two decades of experience living and working in culturally rich and diverse countries across Africa, Asia and North America. Shei current lives in Luanda, Angola and teaches at Luanda International School (LIS). Always, Shei creates experiential learning-based, learner-centred and highly collaborative environments where students and educators thrive.

M. Anthony Hopkins is a photographer, educator, and community organizer. His career encompasses a diverse array of service to humanity through social and environmental stewardship, various art forms, classroom teaching and professional workshops. All aspects of his work revolves around promoting and serving toward fairness and equality, anti-bias work, coaching, and community development.

Jonathan Davis brings his years as a social studies educator enhanced by being a professor at The College of New Jersey.

CBK Associates, led by author and innovator Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A., also has extensive experience with organizational development. Most definitely, CBK Associates offers forward thinking solutions to improving systems. Find out how we work with media and discover unique opportunities for promoting your resources.

From education to leadership to changing the world, our approach is custom-designed and collaborative. We are presenters, authors, thinkers, planners, creators, and partners. Discover more about CBK Associates.