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Cathryn Berger Kaye

Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A.

Introducing Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A.
President of CBK Associates and ABCD Books

When asked, “Where do you live?” Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A. often answers “in Los Angeles and airports.” As president of CBK Associates and ABCD Books, Cathryn travels 180 plus days a year throughout the United States and globally providing professional and organizational development programs, conference keynotes, in-depth institutes, and exceptional education and learning resources on service learning, 21st century competencies, social and emotional realms, climate and culture, youth engagement, effective teacher strategies, and environmental sustainability. Her education work aligns with current Common Core Standards and best teaching practices. Her work with adults responds to the specific organizational or business needs and priorities.

A former teacher, Cathryn inspires participants whether in plenary sessions, small group discussions or multi-day institutes with practical ideas that work, poignant stories worth remembering and strategies that enliven education or organizations. Having taught in rural, suburban and urban settings, and bringing years of experience in diverse settings, she is knowledgeable about the landscape of communities today. Always, Cathryn works collaboratively when planning program content to identify topics of greatest priority to ensure relevance and applicability. She is known for sustained relationships that build internal capacity for excellence.

Recent consultations include

Cathryn is an author of award-winning books (visit ABCD Books) to see her seven books including:

Cathryn is always writing. Read her articles in Resources. And follow her Blog to keep up with her ideas and most recent work.

Cathryn’s signature programs Dynamics for Success and Strategies for Success transforms 21st century competencies into practical approaches for teaching and learning. In these custom-designed programs, her curricula integrate high level literacy skills, social and emotional development, community engagement through service learning, including forward thinking pedagogies and brain research. Cathryn is known for her engaging and interactive approach that models best teaching practices. Visit Strategies for Success to learn more.

With EarthEcho International, Cathryn authored seven Water Planet Challenge Action Guides, providing STEM resources for educators and students to dive into critical water-related themes facing our planet. Learn more at EarthEcho International. Together they also present innovative interactive workshops and Institutes. Find out about additional CBK Associates collaborations at Partnerships.

Is creating a safe and strong school climate and culture your key interest? Since 1997, Cathryn has assisted schools and school districts to integrate social and emotional development at all levels; this work is also embedded in her Strategies for Success programs. Cathryn’s approach moves from controlling and managing youth to engaging and inspiring. Her current seminal work on TRUST has led to standing ovations in plenary sessions. Contact Cathryn to find out more.

With a master’s degree in Organizational Development, you can also find Cathryn assisting schools, organizations, and cities as they align their mission with program and practice.

Establishing CBK Associates and ABCD Books is Cathryn’s way of offering exceptional resources and opportunities for moving society forward toward a thriving future. Her combination of experience, enthusiasm, collaborative spirit, and knowledge make for an exciting enriching adventure. Learn more about Cathryn’s work with light and sound technology at Bright Mind Center.

Download a resume of Cathryn Berger Kaye’s experience, books and programs here.

What People are Saying . . . 
As the first recipient of the Inspirational Spirit Award from Learn & Serve America in 2005, Cathryn continues to develop ideas and programs to meet our ever changing world. Filled with ideas and innovation, Cathryn brings over thirty years of experience and still offers the fresh outlook that frequently leads participants to say, “This is the best professional development I have attended in my many years of teaching.”

“Cathryn has become an essential partner for EarthEcho International as we continue to develop sustainable environmental programs and solutions for communities. She brings depth of understanding of underlying and interconnecting societal issues, which makes the perfect complement to our work. As co-designer and co-facilitator of our training institutes with a variety of stakeholders from teens to teachers to business and organizational leaders, Cathryn adds value for us all. Her knowledge translates well into writing, and our collaborations have produced two books and seven Action Guides to date. She is an integral member of our work at EarthEcho International and we look forward to many more years of collaboration.”–Philippe Cousteau, Co-founder and President, EarthEcho International Special Correspondent, CNN International

“Cathryn Berger Kaye is a dynamic, engaging speaker and an internationally-recognized expert in community building, service learning, leadership development, and related fields.”–Mike Mangan, M.A., Illinois Resource Center

“Cathy Berger Kaye is, in a word, DYNAMIC. Her presentation style is vibrant and engaging, her knowledge extensive. She can easily move from talking about opportunities for community involvement for K-12 students to suggesting how to infuse high quality service-learning into college and university curriculums. As a conference presenter, she is the morning get-the-crowd-going and the late afternoon picker-upper. She simply wows her audience.”–Linda S. Hargreaves, Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Studies, University of Central Florida

“I am a teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I went to your keynote presentation in Lima, and I must say it was quite inspiring. I wanted to thank you for re-energizing me in my teaching and you have given me so many new ideas to integrate into my classes. Before the conference I was getting so overworked and burned out by the demands of my job, I had lost sight of the big picture.  Thank you for giving that back to me.”–Robin Glas, MS Science, Asociación Escuelas Lincoln, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I just wanted to thank you for your inspiration, enthusiasm, and commitment to this important service learning work. It has given credibility and support to what I have always believed about adolescents and education but couldn’t quite express effectively.”–Leah Martin, Instructional Coordinator, Rosemont Ridge Middle School, San Jose, CA

“An immense Merci from Paris for your workshops this weekend—they were the best part of the conference, and I hope very much to keep learning with you. The service learning philosophy was very inspiring; for me, it was sort of an ‘Aha!’ moment, clarifying what we are hoping to impart and share with the students we work with.”–Thomas Ryan, Personal, Social Education/Learning Support, International School of Paris

“I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to you for your positive contribution to our conference [Johannesburg, October, 2012]. Although we’re still undertaking the formal feedback survey, the informal feedback has been among the best we have ever had. Your keynote was one of the best received ever at AISA!”–Dr. Peter Bateman, Executive Director, Association of International School of Africa

Cathryn Berger Kaye’s Strategies for Success with 21st Century and Literacy is a powerful multi-sensory approach to engage students that transcends all ages, stages, and personal histories. Children come to us with so many walls. Cathryn gives us the tools to tear down the walls gently and rebuild life-long learners.”–Ellen A. Blair, Ph.D., Director of Counseling and Guidance, Bryan Independent School District

“As a career educator who has been to more workshops than I can count, I can honestly say that this was the most outstanding one I have attended. Your passion for service learning and your expertise, combined with your amazing skills in presenting, resulted in a workshop that is motivating and inspiring. You have certainly channeled our energies and given new direction to the power of education to change the world.”–Anita Meinbach, Ed.D., University of Miami School of Education, Miami, Florida