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Kim Huseman

Kim Huseman describes herself as “First and always I am a teacher. My parents were educators, as were my aunts, and as is my husband and oldest child. Education is deeply rooted in who I am.”

Kim’s experience extends over middle and high school covering a range of academic subjects. She also participated as a member of a four person team in designing an innovative high school. The work centered on personalization, affective and academic competencies, integrated curriculum, assessment for learning, and learning beyond the school walls, particularly through service learning as a means for social action, and internships. Seventeen years ago, these approaches were unconventional, and the impact on the students and teachers influenced the foundations of teaching and learning for the entire school district in Humble, Texas. Service learning in particular became a highly regarded pedagogy, with Kim being a leader for implementation. School reform remains at the center of Kim’s educational endeavors. Kim’s expertise led her to be a frequent presenter at conferences and also to provide professional development. Her work has been documented in many educational periodicals and studies.

Now at Rice University’s REEP (Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program), Kim is Associate Director of Selection, Talent Development, and Alumni Outreach, where she assists on a daily basis with the further development of Houston’s already successful principals by providing them with new set of tools and reflective practices that can transform their schools. In this position, Kim merges the community within formal education, and emphasizes the importance and significance of empowering young people to learn in real world settings.

“As an educator, I am passionate about what I do, and even more passionate about learning, growing, and improving education. I have been engaged in educational reform for the past eighteen years and have secured over three million dollars in educational grants to support these reform endeavors. With a Master’s Degree in curriculum, instruction, and assessment design, I have learned to put theory into practice.” Kim is also a certified executive coach.

Through CBK Associates, Kim has led professional development in the United States and Eastern Europe. She has presented for K-12 educators and administrators. Among her many topics are:

Kim has also lead professional development with Strategies for Success with 21st Century Skills and Literacy.