What We Do

Our website is in process of being UPdated. The content here will soon be representative of the work we also do with:

  • equity, justice and inclusion
  • social and emotional wellbeing
  • youth-adult partnerships and leadership
  • strategic planning
  • service learning for societal change

Please contact us directly for more information about the professional development (virtually and in-person) for educators, nonprofit organizations, businesses, cities, community groups, and others. We are glad to respond. Please email cathy@cbkassociates.com.

Always — we build relationships. With every consulting opportunity, we identify and advance priorities that create meaningful and lasting change. This occurs in the areas of education, strategic planning and thinking, program development, and when delivering inspiring presentations, seminars, workshops, and institutes. We generate ways to engage in forward movement that builds excitement and produces results. With a rich history, CBK Associates has much to offer.

Education Consulting

“Education” comes from the Latin root—to educe, to bring forth. That’s what we do. The aim: to bring learning to life and grow life-long learners who are actively engaged members of their communities. How do we make this happen?


Strategies for Success

Strategies for Success, research-based innovative curriculum designed to engage students for academic excellence combining 21st century concepts with high level literacy, service learning, community partnerships, and social and emotional learning. Customized for your student success.



We know partnerships. We develop long term partnerships to advance our common initiatives and make deep impact within communities across the globe. Find out about these partnerships. Explore the possibilities!


Organizational Development

Our team has extensive background and experience with collaborating to advance thinking, improve communications, boost programs, and generate ideas. From World Cafes to focus groups to writing the articles and documents you need, we move you forward.


Media and Promotion

Looking for an article to be written for a blog, newsletter, magazine, or website? Need a person with on-camera experience to discuss education or parent involvement or strategies to increase graduation rates? Have you written a book that you want in the hands of young readers? We do it all!