Education Consulting

“Education” comes from the Latin root to educe, to bring forth. As consultants, we learn about your history and priorities. We collaborate to advance ideas that improve opportunities and possibilities for students, teachers and faculty, schools and universities, organizations, and communities. We offer professional development, Keynotes, materials, programs, coaching—an array of possibilities. Our aim: to bring learning to life and grow life-long learners who are actively engaged members of their communities. How do we make this happen?

Schools and School Districts

Every school is unique. School leadership and teachers, students, families, and surrounding community influence and impact this place we call “school.” Across the globe, we work to identify, clarify and advance your priorities. Discover how we integrate ideas and elevate teaching for today’s learners.


State Departments of Education

We build capacity to extend opportunities to schools and districts. We address dominant issues: school safety, Common Core Standards, academics, and graduation rates through service learning, 21st century skills, and STEM. We offer conference Keynotes, program and professional development, and coaching.



Our topics include Service Learning, Reflection, Best Teaching Practice, Common Core Standards Integration, and Community Collaboration. We build partnerships with K-12 schools and organizations. Keynotes and workshops model teaching strategies for today’s students. Enliven the process!



Organizations frequently need assistance to improve programs, develop strategies, inspire members, and design resources. We provide assistance built on communication and collaboration. Possibilities are endless! Need a Keynote for a conference? Or a preconference or workshops? Let us know!


Coaching & Mentoring

Leaders often benefit from guidance in personal development. We bring experience to assist individuals, executives and leaders in creating positive change, seeing new possibilities and defining steps toward self-defined achievement. Move forward with purpose and clarity. And enjoy the journey!