Los-Angeles-Educator-Building-a-21st-Century-StudentOrganizations frequently need short or long term assistance to improve programs, develop strategies that best meet their mission, inspire their members, and develop resources. We provide assistance built on communication and collaboration. We have a range of expertise, and additional colleagues we can bring on board. Possibilities are endless! Need a Keynote for a conference? Or a preconference or workshops? Let us know!

A sampling of our work with organizations . . . 
With After-School All Stars, we provide professional development to reach their staff in all 17 cities to boost their service learning efforts. And we have designed curriculum along with implementation strategies for their approach to 21st century skills with our Strategies for Success program.

Since the beginning of AmeriCorps, in 1993, Cathryn Berger Kaye has been providing workshops, leadership coaching, tutoring strategies, and service learning concepts, from coast to coast to their corps members and leadership teams.

Communities in Schools has brought CBK Associates to Georgia and North Carolina for numerous service learning workshops.

For generationON we have provided staff workshops, youth leadership sessions, and materials review to advance the resources and programs they have to offer online and in person.

Cathryn is delighted to continue consulting with the International Baccalaureate Programme to advance service learning through writing articles, conference participation, and participating in collaborative groups to promote their mission and include service learning across the continuum.

The Jewish Federation in Los Angeles and South Florida has engaged us in understanding how service learning can be of value in day school and religious school programming.

For the National Association of Secondary School Principals, Cathryn continues to contribute to Principal Leadership magazine and to the Middle School newsletters.

Cathryn Berger Kaye has been glad to partner with the National Youth Leadership Council for their National Service Learning Conference over many years. You may have seen her in the Service Learning Bookstore she organized, or attended one of many preconference or workshop sessions. Did you catch her NYLC sponsored Going Blue webinar? She will return in March, 2014.

The San Antonio Spurs Foundation offers programs and awards to local schools who demonstrate service learning achievements. This year CBK Associates will increase capacity through teacher workshops.