State Departments of Education

Cathy_TeachersCBK Associates continues to work with State Departments of Educations to build capacity from within and to extend opportunities to schools and districts. We provide conference Keynotes, preconference sessions, workshops, professional development, materials, programs, and coaching.

With our ability to address a range of dominant issues from school safety to integrating Common Core Standards to increasing academic skills and knowledge and graduation rates through service learning to 21st century skills and STEM inclusion, we have much to explore, discuss and design.

Read more about current and recent collaborations with states, the Cherokee Nation, and the Singapore Ministry of Education.

Hawaii: During a continuing long term relationship with the Hawaii Department of Education, much has been accomplished, and more is in progress.

Colorado: CBK Associates provides professional development through the Colorado State Department of Education‘s Office of Community Partnerships for their 21st Community Learning Centers. In 2013,  CBK Associates will continue promoting high quality service learning, engaging teaching methods and 21st century skills with a two day program in September.

In Other States, CBK Associates has:

Cherokee Nation: For over 15 years, Cathryn Berger Kaye has been consulting with the Cherokee Nation Learn and Serve Programs and their Education Services. They are currently implementing the Strategies for Success with 21st Century Skills for middle schools.

Singapore: For the 2011 Character and Citizenship Education Conference sponsored by Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) with the National Institute of Education, Cathryn Berger Kaye provided a conference Keynote and workshop. She also led a half-day workshop for 60 educators at the request of the MOE to continue teaching the concepts of service learning, social and emotional development, 21st century skills, and engaging strategies. Cathryn has used the Singapore MOE’s Competencies for the 21st Century outstanding model when developing her Strategies for Success programs.

Educators in Singapore have continued to attend educational workshops with Cathryn through her partnership with Adam Khoo Learning Technologies.