Media and Promotion


Cathryn Berger Kaye and Philippe Cousteau

Looking for an article to be written for a blog, newsletter, magazine, or website?
Need a person with on-camera experience to discuss education or parent involvement or strategies to increase graduation rates?
Have you written a book that you want in the hands of young readers—kids or teens?
We have done it all!

Over many years, CBK Associates, led by Cathryn Berger Kaye, has been active in utilizing various media to get a message across to the target audience. Now with her team of consultants, we can do even more. And we work fast and still maintain high quailty knowing you have timelines to meet. What have we done?

Let us know what your needs are and we can assist you. We are also more than delighted to refer you to experts we know who can provide what you need.

For decades Cathryn Berger Kaye has worked with authors in a variety of ways promoting their books. Currently, CBK Associates is representing several authors to extend their outreach to schools across the globe. (See These Things Happen and My Life as a Book.) To learn more about representation, contact us!

What we do:

What does this expertise build upon? Cathryn says, “Those of you who know The Complete Guide to Service Learning, or have heard me speak on almost any topic, have heard me reference books. All kinds—fiction, nonfiction, picture books, graphic novels. I have been fortunate to blend my love of reading and the written word throughout much of my work, and to influence and inspire others.

“I make these connections in a myriad of ways: through my own writing, recommendations for purchase by schools and school districts globally, presenting with authors at conferences, moderating author panels, developing the West Hollywood (CA) Book Fair, interviewing authors for articles and blogs, and recommending to schools what authors to bring in for presentations.

“I also work with large and small publishers in US and Canada to review and identify books that have social justice themes relevant to youth today that will also inspire them to action. I have written several book guides for publishers for use in schools, and authored educational curriculum integrating a range of books, more titles than you want me to list!

“With ABCD Books I am also a bookseller, having an online bookstore for many years with a small and discreet collection. However, even with my size I have had huge orders (the largest was 35,000 copies of one title), so that’s good!”

Where to begin? With you and your needs. We make connections. Contact us to learn more.