Organizational Development

OrganizationalDevelopmentHow to move forward. How to vision. How to bring ideas into a reality. Forward thinking. Meeting current needs and anticipating what is yet to come. We work with organizations, cities and municipalities, businesses, social entrepreneurs, and schools and school districts to go beyond potential into expansive possibilities.

Organizational development has always been a part of our work. What does it look like?

Beginning in 1994, Cathryn Berger Kaye has continually been consulting for the City of West Hollywood, in southern California, designing programs, conducting a city-wide needs assessment with focus groups and World Café, leading leadership sessions for City commissions, coaching management, developing their first (now annual book festival), leading an all-city staff professional development day, constructing a multi-year diversity series for the community, and designing a healthy city campaign, with more to come.

Recently an organization that depends heavily on volunteers requested our assistance. While many of the individuals are accomplished in their professions, the collaborations were ineffective. Maintaining participation was difficult. We met with leadership and mapped out meetings and materials. At the end of the first large group gathering, the small teams were energized and excited to identify roles and responsibilities of volunteers to establish ownership and purposeful involvement. Now with greater clarity, they move toward a revisioned mission statement.

We always begin by listening. Then we craft and suggest and frame. We adapt World Café and other experiences for your group. We bring ideas and strategies. We have methods of introducing Change Theory that engages and enlivens, propelling participants to more willingly move towards insightful concepts and directions. We want to find the questions that move us to new ways of thinking and imagining, all to meet and exceed possibilities.

CBK Associates provides Organizational Development and individual Coaching and Mentoring aimed to improve leadership, group process, program delivery, and to determine a pathway of moving forward.