What Kids Can Do

WKWDLogo2CBK Associates and What Kids Can DO have collaborated on the In Our Global Village program based on the book In Our Village.

Based in Providence, R.I., What Kids Can Do (WKCD) is an international nonprofit founded in 2001 by an educator and journalist with more than 60 years’ combined experience supporting adolescent learning in and out of school. Using the Internet, print, and broadcast media, WKCD presses before the broadest audience possible a dual message: the power of what young people can accomplish when given the opportunities and supports they need and what they can contribute when we take their voices and ideas seriously. The youth who concern WKCD most are those marginalized by poverty, race, and language, aged 12–22.

WKCD’s mission includes championing schools that nourish what we call “powerful learning with public purpose.” Blending research, documentation, story-telling and multimedia, we make the strongest case we can for schools that support students’ social and emotional growth along with academics; that develop students as collaborators, knowledge creators, and citizens; that motivate students to do their best—and make a difference.

In 2006, WKCD launched its own publishing company. Next Generation Press is the arm through which WKCD creates and distributes the books it produces, all of which have youth voice at their center. Next Generation Press has published fifteen books to date (which together have sold over 200,000 copies), as well as three additional titles with mainstream publishers.

WKCD also works with youth internationally on photo essay projects that document the opportunities and inequities accompanying today’s globalization. Our youth partners span five continents and include Afro-Caribbean and Muslim immigrants in London, teenage slum dwellers in Delhi, and youth in remote villages in Tanzania and Ethiopia.
Visit www.whatkidscando.org.