Strategies for Success and Dynamics for Success

StrategiesSuccessStrategies for Success and Dynamics for Success: 21st Century Curricula that Bring Learning and Service to Life
Authored by Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A.

Engaging! Challenging! Exciting! Purposeful!

Introducing Strategies for Success and Dynamics for Success, research-based innovative approaches to teaching and learning designed to engage students with the skills and competencies that lead to personal and academic achievement. Each custom-designed Strategies for Success and Dynamics for Success program combines 21st century essential competencies with high level literacy skills, social and emotional and character development, and involvement in service learning and positive civic dispositions. The entire approach is interdisciplinary, even when literacy or science is the central context, including when implemented during academic classes during school, in an advisory, or in an after school setting.

Strategies for Success and Dynamics for Success offer a practical approach to learning. Teachers appreciate the clear and thorough articulation of each learning experience presented. Students welcome the specificity of the skills they develop through varied dynamic approaches that include discussion, role play, action research, creative inquiry, artistic expression, and physical movement. With ease, students transfer ideas and abilities from class to class such as summarizing, active listening, asking questions, note-taking (three methods taught), homework completion, asking for assistance when needed, action research, time management, and analyzing text, and much more. The programs also integrate processes to improve and strengthen school climate and culture through an understanding of change theory that enables the teachers, students and entire school community to evolve into a truly respectful environment where student ability to succeed is supported. With each Strategies for Success and Dynamics for Success version, students gain leadership skills and apply their ideas through purposeful action built on the idea of reciprocal benefits for all involved: student, school, and community.

Strategies for Success and Dynamics for Success  draws upon evolving education theories aimed at stimulating all aspects of the learner, and includes ideas from Davidson, Gopnick, Sternberg, Seligman, Gardner, Burger and Starbird, and from author-educator Cathryn Berger Kaye, known for her innovative approach to education and expertise in service learning.

We have many versions. We can help you find the Strategies for Success or Dynamics for Success program model that best suits your needs, and then we customize to make certain your students thrive.

Strategies for Success with 21st Century Skills and Literacy: A Learning Curriculum that Serves
This original groundbreaking program launched the Strategies for Success series. We offer multiple versions including.

This seminal program has been implemented with 45,000 students in the Los Angeles Unified School District showing significant results in two research studies. Students have also benefited in many other locales including Hawaii, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, Florida, and Texas.

Strategies for Success with 21st Century Skills: A Learning Curriculum that Serves
This adaptable program, with both an elementary and secondary version, has been customized for varied populations. Variations include:

Dynamics for Success: A Learning Curriculum that Serves

This new program Dynamics for Success was commissioned by an international school aiming to initiate the school year with a two week focus on interdisciplinary learning, academic content, and development of transferable skills. Each level has a paticular theme, essential questions, and a specific series of learning experiences that leading to taking purposeful action in the school, community, or globally. Each learning experience integrates opportunities for analytical thinking, creative thinking, practical thinking, and ethical thinking. Every learning experience is highly engaging with compelling paired or group interactions that develop communication and self assurance. Now this program is being adapted to advisory for other schools, and for discreet classes to support learners. Consider the sequence of themes for each of these grades:

Each has grade and age-specific learning opportunities that will carry the students throughout their academic program and by reinforcing the core dynamics of learning.

Growing Community Leaders: An ACES Curriculum that Serves
Growing Community Leaders: An ACES Curriculum that Serves, now in its fourth year of implementation district-wide, was commissioned by the Guilford County Schools, Greensboro, North Carolina for implementation with 3500 children in 56 elementary after-school programs. Two versions are currently in place: a program for grades K-2 and a program for grades 3-5. This program is also suitable for during school hours as a way to increase vital skills and understanding of listening, group work, homework success, self-awareness, and pro-social traits. Through Growing Community Leaders, students are actively engaged in service learning as well. The program is now also implemented with a custom-designed curriculum in Santa Monica, California.

Strategies for Success with 21st Century Skills and Science: A Learning Curriculum that Serves
Combining science, 21st century skills, literacy, and service learning has made this a unique and valuable offering. Currently being implemented in middle schools in Hawaii and Massachusetts, this STEM program has a graduated curriculum for each middle school grade: 6, 7, and 8. These scaffolded academic lessons build an entire middle school concept to increase classroom participation and high level skills while integrating Common Core Standards and meeting science benchmarks. Lessons are lively, creative, and multidisciplinary. This program also incorporates EarthEcho International’s Water Planet Challenge Action Guides authored by Cathryn Berger Kaye. Also adaptable for high school.

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